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Take a look at Australia’s current Employee Engagement statistics to see where this frustration is coming from and why.

Highly/Actively Disengaged


Physically present, but psychologically absent.
They do less than is expected.
They are unhappy and insist on sharing this unhappiness with others.
They are likely to be disruptive, have a bad attitude, waste time, undermine coworkers, and are often late or absent.
What you do get more of is theft, and health and safety issues.

Not Engaged


Not psychologically connected to their company.
They do their job, but miss more workdays and are more likely to leave (according to Linkedin 2017, replacing people at Entry Level will cost you 50% of their salary, and if they are at Senior Level, replacing them will cost you 250% of their salary).
They display little motivation or passion, and deliver minimal effort with a lack of creativity. Managers are likely to be under more stress, and have less time for business improvement.



Loyal and psychologically committed.
They do more than is expected, and are more likely to be innovative.
Companies with engaged workforces have 10% higher customer metrics/ratings, 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, and 21% higher profitability.
Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. (Gallup)

Calculate what your Highly Disengaged people are costing your business

Gallup calculates that for every $10,000 of salary you pay a highly-disengaged employee, you are losing $3,400. That's 34%!

Use this calculator by typing in your own numbers, and see the real impact that your highly-disengaged people are having on your company.


Active disengagement rate is 15%

# highly disengaged employees =

Gallup % cost of active disengagement is 34%

Annual cost per highly disengaged employee = $

Total annual cost of
active disengagement


A company's HEART poses the greatest challenge, and there in lies your greatest opportunity. 

We solve the problems that exist in your company’s BRAIN AND HEART. Do any of these challenges ring a bell for you?

Frustrated & time-poor leaders • Low or average performance • An unproductive or outdated culture • Merging cultures • Poor relationships & communication • Bad attitude & behaviour • Negative mind-sets • Things happen slowly or not at all • Lack of accountability • Little or no transparency nor trust • Lack of equality • No passion • Low energy & motivation • Not enough innovation • Low or reduced sales &/or profit • Losing market share • Poor customer metrics • Out-dated procedures, processes, & systems • People in the wrong roles with un-tapped talent • High staff turnover or absences • Lack of teamwork • An unhealthy degree of competitiveness • Silo mentality • Theft • Decreased accuracy levels • Health & Safety issues • Trying to go from good to great, or great to #1 in your industry

We are Talent Dynamics, and Engage and Grow certified experts. We use these globally proven tools to create massive change in 12 weeks or less by customising a business improvement program that delivers on your most important KPI’s. 

Along with improving the BRAIN, we ensure that your company’s HEART gets the workout that it needs. 

To become the BEST, you need to improve the HEART of your business. 

HEART focussed companies are 8x more successful - Deloitte 2016.

Business improvement should not be an event. It should be considered an ongoing workout to keep your company’s BRAIN and HEART healthy and strong. We offer you a consistent business improvement FRAMEWORK to build on your results and continue the momentum. 

A proven growth FRAMEWORK that has a strong focus on Culture and Engagement, is the difference between a company that continues to grow year after year, and one that falls behind it’s competitors. 

In getting to know you, we will discover your 3 most important KPI’s, which we will then use to customise your business improvement program.

Prior to beginning your program, we will run a quick and easy Engagement Survey that will enable us to benchmark your outcomes. We do this again mid-program and then post-program also. 

Above and beyond this, at the conclusion of your program, we will produce a full-report on the outcomes generated throughout, in order to clearly demonstrate your ROI.

Take a look at these Client Success Stories:

“The 12-week program was huge for us! By engaging 25 team members, it allowed the company to achieve its best sales month in seven years.” - Full House Group

“This 12-week program improved our bottom line by an impressive 47%.” - Loan Market

“We increased our sales pipeline by 425% ($2.5M) in 12 weeks.” - Harris & Thorn Plumbers

If you want to be the best, we want to work with you.

Richard Maloney mentoring
Engage & Grow Founder, Richard Maloney, shares a client’s success Play Now


Every person has something of value that they bring to a team, a strength or a talent. This needs to be understood, harnessed and encouraged to increase the level of trust and flow in all forms of teamwork.

What is your strength or talent? What do you find most natural and easy to do? The Talent Dynamics profile test provides you and your team with this insight, and is the first step towards a strengths based culture.


Looking for the best fit for a role? We start by looking at your role and together we determine the 20% of activities that deliver 80% of the outcomes you want. From there we profile your top candidates to discover their strengths and ensure that they match your role’s highest value activities.

Sales & Customer Service

Being able to identify people’s personalities and understand their preferences, applies not only to teamwork but is also valuable for those working in people facing roles.

Matching your prospect’s or customer’s behavioural and communication style will increase the trust associated with better quality interactions.


Workforce Engagement
Ranging from a one off five-hour workshop to a 12-month integrated program, our engagement programs focus on building high levels of trust within the workforce and empowering employees to be their best.
Leadership Effectiveness
Focusing on leadership and communication, this personal action plan is aimed to increase a leader's ability to connect and build relationships within their team.
Women's Leadership
This program is designed to nurture broader participation of women leaders in the business. Studies have shown women in leadership positions enhance problem solving and decision making skills of the wider leadership team.
Engaging Millenials
Our program is guaranteed to transform your business culture by engaging the millennials in your company. It unlocks their creativity and embraces their drive and enthusiasm.
Success Stories

Kathy Sant'Ana

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Our vision is that Australian workplaces are by far the happiest and most engaged in the world.

The most recent State of the Global Workplace Gallup Report shows that U.S./Canada has the highest level of Employee Engagement at 31%. Australia is just 14% Engaged.


Our mission is to positively impact over 10,000 Australian employees in 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Engage And Grow system different from training?
The Engage And Grow system is not a workshop, nor is it training. We deliver an all-action based program developed around neuroscience, NLP and the science of motivation.
If a culture shift is what you’re after, you will see tangible results in your team within 12 weeks.
Just as your physical BRAIN and HEART require ongoing action to keep them healthy, the same applies to your business. We offer you a consistent business improvement FRAMEWORK that enables you to keep your company’s BRAIN AND HEART active for long-lasting results and continual improvement.
If you think luv ya work can help your business or to find out more, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch within a day.